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Hi everyone,

I am sitting on the plane next to Mel B, enjoying a glass of red wine having just done our show in San Jose to an amazing crowd. I felt a little less nervous tonight than I did in Vancouver and I really let loose and had lots of fun.

With each show I'm getting more confident singing live but during Mama I got so carried away looking at the video playing behind us of all the mothers and babies that I forgot some of the lyrics!

Mel B also has a thing for pinching our bottoms… which makes us all giggle!

I know you don't get to see what's going on underneath the stage but our quick changes are mad, although we all help each other out.

We're truly having the best time of our lives and we feel so lucky to get the chance to do it again. We know some people have traveled far and wide to see us and we can't thank you enough. So, we'll make sure you have the best night.

See you at the next show!

Lots of love,

Ps Beau's favourite song is Wannabe.

05 December 2007
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