The Spice Girls are back in the UK for tonight’s show at The O2 Arena after attending Roberto Cavalli's Men’s runway show in Milan yesterday.

The fashion show was held at a military academy where the girls were greeted by uniformed guards before being whisked backstage to meet with their good friend and host Roberto Cavalli.

Before the show, the girls were interviewed and photographed by the Italian media, and then Roberto walked them down the runway to their front row seats, ready for the start of the show.

On working with Roberto, Victoria told “We really love his outfits, he has done a great job for the tour which isn't easy when you are dressing five different women. He dresses people with heart and that's really important.”

Mel B added: “I love all the leopard print, I'm obsessed and I love all the beaded dresses, they are so hot. We also love the black dresses that he made for us too.”
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Spice Girls tour costumes designed and created by Roberto Cavalli