The Return Of The Spice Girls show is playing in East Rutherford this evening and then Chicago and Detroit later this week. Fans who have been flocking to see the shows have also been telling all about their amazing experiences.
Christina from East Meadow, NY, e-mailed us to say: “So basically, 6 and 9 February 2008 were by far the best days of my life! The Spice Girls concert was amazing! When the girls first came out on the stage, I started to cry because I was in shock. On 9 February, I went to Melanie C's acoustic performance in the Grand Ballroom in the city. At the end of the concert, Mel B came over to take a picture with a fan and I was standing right next to the fan. I cannot even explain to you how I felt.”
Zeena from Fresh Meadows, NY, said: “The concert at the Nassau Coliseum was amazing. I was standing the whole entire time, jumping up and down and singing along with the Spice Girls. It was a dream come true and it was the best experience of my life. I have been a Spice Girls fan since i was five years old.”

Alyssa from Port St Lucie, FL, wrote to say: “I went to the 6 February show in New York and it was awesome! I had front row seats and it was amazing to see the girls close up. They are even more beautiful in real life. Before the concert started designer Roberto Cavali and some of his models walked by through the arena and then Emma's partner Jade sat next to me with their new baby Beau. So that was cool too.”

Caroline from Mississauga, Ontario, e-mailed to say: “I am a university student in Toronto and last Tuesday my best friend and I hopped on a Greyhound to Buffalo and then on to a flight from Buffalo to JFK, New York where we checked into our hotel. We woke up the next morning more excited then ever. At 6pm we grabbed a train to Long Island for the show in Nassau. IT WAS AMAZING. I SCREAMED, SANG, LAUGHED and even CRIED.   You are all so beautiful and talented.  It was simply the best concert I’ve ever been to!  Thank you so much.”

Seeing The Return Of The Spice Girls show this week? Send your concert tales to and we’ll use as many as can on the website. Don’t forget to include your name, age, address, concert location and date.

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