We asked for your concert stories and users of have been writing in with their star spots and fun tales from The Return Of The Spice Girls tour so far…

Georgina from Chorley said: “When I went to the concert on Sunday 20 January, we all noticed comedian David Walliams there and we did the Mexican wave for him. May i add the Concert was INCREDIBLE!”

Lauren from London said: “I saw film star Will Smith at The O2 Arena on 16 January. He was right in front of me, watching the Spice Girls’ concert.”

John from Monrovia, California, wrote: “My friend and I had been anticipating this concert for months. When we arrived we noticed a flurry of people gathered around one person. We wondered who it could be and it was Paula Abdul making her way to her seat. When she sat down we noticed Teri Hatcher sitting nearby and also the celebrity blogger Perez Hilton. As the show grew closer, we noticed a man buying some cotton candy and it was none other than David Beckham.

Chirstina from Borehamwood wrote: “The whole O2 Arena was going wild. Just before the lights went down in the corner off my eye I saw someone jump in the air and shout Bob and to my amazement it was Sir Bob Geldof with his daughters. The people’s camera flashes were going mad. It seemed he really enjoyed it. He was on his feet spicing up his life with a few dance moves.”

Spotted a famous face at one of The Return Of The Spice Girls shows? Send your concert tales to and we’ll use as many as can on the website. Don’t forget to include your name, age and address.
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