Excitement in Spice World reached fever pitch today when the girls took delivery of the merchandise that will be available on The Return Of The Spice Girls tour.

As part of the range, there are Baby, Ginger, Scary, Sporty and Posh T-shirts available – each with their own Spicy twist! The girls were so impressed that they promptly tried the T-shirts on, and Melanie C is modelling hers in our exclusive photo.

“We have some great merchandise planned for the tour and we’ve chosen designs that we would all wear ourselves,” said Victoria. “We’ve also got a vest that says Spice Boy that is fantastic!”

The girls weren’t the only ones modelling the new merchandise backstage… baby Angel was seen wearing a Spice Baby bib – before covering it with her lunch!

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Management: Simon Fuller, XIX Management
Spice Girls tour costumes designed and created by Roberto Cavalli