It’s not often that Mel B is lost for words… but on Monday night that’s exactly what happened when fellow Spice Girls Emma, Geri, Melanie C and Victoria surprised her on the set of Dancing With The Stars.
The Girls stopped by Mel’s trailer minutes before the start of the show to wish her luck before taking their place in the audience to support Mel and Maksim in the final.
The first dance was the judges’ choice, and Mel B scored an excellent 28 with her Cha Cha Cha. This was followed by the freestyle, where Mel scored an impressive 27 points. Geri was less than impressed with some of judge Carrie-Anne Inaba’s comments, leading the rest of the Spice Girls in a chorus of boos.
Speaking exclusively to after the show, Mel said: “I couldn’t believe it when the girls walked in to my trailer. I’d only been talking to Geri on the phone 10 minutes before… it was un-freaking-believable!”

Yet another surprise awaited Mel after the show as husband Stephen Belafonte had arranged for a leopard print limo to take Mel for a well-deserved celebratory dinner.
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