As we enter the final week of tour rehearsals, the Spice Girls have moved to new location in Los Angeles where they can run the show “as live”. can report that the show looks amazing, and everybody who has a ticket is in for a massive treat. Girl Power is definitely alive and kicking!
Backstage, the girls each have their own dressing room and we sneaked in today before the girls arrived to bring you these exclusive pictures.

Here is Emma’s dressing room [above], and Geri’s [below].

You can spot Mel B’s dressing room [below] from the trademark leopard print details.

Here are two pictures of Melanie C’s dressing room [below].

And here’s Victoria’s.

Even though the girls have their own dressing rooms, every day they take it in turns to pile in to one of them to have lunch together.
The Spice kids have their own playroom backstage but can usually be found around and about the dressing rooms… and sometimes even on stage!

Backstage there is a music room where the girls warm up and practice their vocals. There is also a room for the ten male dancers who are performing in the show, a room for the musicians and a large wardrobe room for the stunning Cavalli costumes that the girls will be wearing on stage.

In addition to the dressing rooms, there is also a catering area for the crew, lots of flight cases that are used to move the staging and instruments from venue to venue, as well as miles and miles of cables!

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Management: Simon Fuller, XIX Management
Spice Girls tour costumes designed and created by Roberto Cavalli