The Spice Girls' lavish tour costumes have been created by world-famous designer Roberto Cavalli. The outfits that they wear on stage highlight the strong, glamorous image that characterises the band, while Roberto has interpreted the personality of each Spice Girl in his unmistakable signature style.

For each performance on The Return Of The Spice Girls tour, Emma, Geri, Mel B, Melanie C and Victoria wear creations that include white and black tuxedos, silver space-age uniforms, shiny minidresses embroidered with Swarovsky crystals and feathers, sensual leather corsets and even brightly-colored jumpsuits.

Roberto Cavalli told "I have known Victoria Beckham for a long time, and have always admired her style and personality. When we talked about the The Return of the Spice Girls tour, she put forward the idea of me creating all their costumes to which I immediately agreed.
At their debut, the Spice Girls generated a trend with their individual looks and now, 10 years later, they have put their trust in me to get a new, unique and iconic appeal for the tour."

Revolutionary designer Roberto, who works alongside his beautiful wife, Eva Duringer, has created an eye-catching wardrobe for the Spice Girls that is unlike anything they have worn before on stage. This is typical of the Italian designer who has refused to bow to prevailing fashions throughout his career, preferring to express his creativity and be known as an industry outsider.

In addition to his Men's and Women's ready to wear collections, Roberto Cavalli has turned his talents towards diverse categories such as Eyewear, Shoes, Timewear, Childrens, Lingerie, Ties and Scarves, Fragrance, Vodka, and most recently, Wine. Under his Just Cavalli brand – which addresses a younger audience – he produces Men's and Women's ready-to-wear collections, Lingerie and Beachwear, Fragrances, Eyewear, Timewear and Jewels. He also produces Class Men's and Women's ready to wear collections.

His name is synonymous with the international jet set, and Roberto Cavalli continually works with stars all over the world. As a designer, he sets himself apart by his natural vivaciousness and cordiality. His legendary hospitality makes him a perfect party host and, like all good Tuscans, he loves to surround himself with friends to celebrate his successes as well as the smallest occasions.

Roberto says the spirit of the Spice Girls struck him the moment he met them as a group. "They are one of the biggest global success stories with their appeal crossing many generations and millions of fans awaiting their return," he explains. "When I met them, I immediately understood the reason why the world went crazy for their unique brand of Girl Power as they are an irresistible mix of energy, pure joy, humor and a spicy dash of glamour. I'm sure their strength will take us by storm again."

To find out more, visit Robert Cavalli's official website

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Spice Girls tour costumes designed and created by Roberto Cavalli