Spice Beauty

We go behind the scenes for an exclusive look at the Spice Girls’ beauty secrets with their team of stylists known as “the glam squad”. Find out how Emma, Geri, Mel B, Melanie C and Victoria create their distinctive and iconic stage looks for The Return Of The Spice Girls tour

Spice Beauty

Hair stylist Larry says: We wanted something for Emma that the fans had never seen before, which had basically been straight hair and pigtails. So we went with tons of volume, curl and texture because Emma wanted to feel really sexy on stage. It’s brought something reminiscent of looks in the 1960s and 1970s to the Spice Girls 2008.

Make-up artist Maria-Louise says: I wanted to keep the Baby Spice thing going because it’s important they are all recognisable through their individual personalities. So I’ve kept it fresh, dewy and glowing with just a pale pink glossy lip. I’ve done very highlighted cheeks and clean eyes but with glitter because it’s very showy.


Larry: When Emma’s hair is wet, I apply a volumising serum and blow her out with that product. Then I set her using a thermal curling spray with curling irons, which creates tons of volume and gorgeous waves. I finish Emma off with a light spray that locks in her look for the two hour show.

Maria-Louise: I prepare Emma’s skin first with hydrating natural oil, because all the make-up that we use and the travelling that the girls are doing can be very dehydrating. Next I contour Emma’s face using light-reflecting particles on the brow bone and cheekbones and darker colours under the cheekbones.

I use eyelashes that don’t weigh down the eyelid, they bond to the skin and feel comfortable. Then I add mascara to the top & bottom lash and a white eyeliner. I use pigments and glitters for Emma too, to emphasis her features.

Spice Beauty

Hair stylist Jamie says: It’s about luxury, earthy curls, with big tumbling waves that bounce and look healthy and full. It’s very Sex And The City inspired.

Make-up artist Kolbrun says: Geri’s look is warm and natural, with a healthy glow, but still with the Hollywood starlet look. It’s classic and glamorous with a bit of a Bridget Bardot feel.


Jamie says: Geri comes in with her hair washed from home. I add a crème which turns to a conditioner when it’s heated up. I wind Geri’s hair around a hot stick, which is like a conical wand, to create a big soft wave that lasts through the show. Then I finger tease it and use a volumising hairspray.

Kolbrun says: I use mineral foundations on the skin because they are perfect for achieving a very natural look. I’ve used brown colours to do the contouring of Geri’s face and peachy colours on the cheeks for that fresh look. I use golden browns and milky colours around the eyes, which are all quite glittery, and I blend them into an almond shape to lift the corner of the eye.

I use a thick black eyeliner, kind of 1950s style, and just half a lash on the side, to give the eyes an extra lift. On the eyelids I use two pigments. I start with eye shadow and then build up with loose colour to make it stronger.

Eyebrows are drawn up quite high, for a movie star-type look. I use a natural tone lip-liner that’s a tone darker than the lipstick, which is a matt beige tone, that’s our Bridget Bardot colour. I finish off with shimmering tan spray on Geri’s body, which is perfect for her colouring.

Spice Beauty

Hair stylist and make-up artist David says: I wanted to do big curly “Scary” hair because that is what Mel was noted for before, but with a bigger curl. We all tried to incorporate earlier looks but updated them to make them more sophisticated and bring them up to date.


David says: I use a volumising spray and set Mel’s hair in curls with a large barrel iron, and pin-curl those after rolling them. This creates volume and makes the hair look crazy, and massive. Because Mel has a natural curl in her hair, I sometimes just set the top of the head and use a curling product on the rest before blow drying it with a diffuser. Finally, I apply a shine spray just before the show.

For Mel’s make-up I start with a waterproof airbrush base, which really holds through the show. I feel airbrush gives a really beautiful finish and you can get more coverage in areas that you need it.

I do smoky eyes on Mel, using a smoky black under the eye and a thin line on top. I use black on the outer and inner lid, and copper pink glitter in the middle of the lid to brighten up the eye and keep it light looking. I also do a white line inside the eye to open it up. Mel has very sculpted brows, so I just do a little definition with a light pencil.

On her cheeks I do a lovely golden highlight and a contour with the airbrush, using a brown and a nice peachy tone. The lips are very nude and beige with a nice gloss. I mix the gloss myself because with all Mel’s hair you can’t use a really sticky gloss. You don’t want a colour on the lip either that could streak across the face when the hair hits it. Plus Mel prefers a lighter lip.

Finally, I do a shimmer on her body and hair with a golden glitter spray.

Spice Beauty

Hair stylist Jamie says: We’ve created a modern update on the classic ponytail from Melanie’s old Sporty Spice days but with a futuristic feel to it.

Make-up artist Kolbrun says: It’s a futuristic, uber rock-chick version of the familiar Sporty Spice. We wanted to take her from what she was years ago and bring her right up to what she is now.


Jamie says: Melanie’s ponytail is made from human hair so it’s quite major to look after but once it’s pinned in, it’s good for the whole evening. I slick up her hair before putting the piece in, and Melanie is really cool about that because of her ballet dancing days. I whack a load of product in, usually styling cream, to keep it in place. And if Melanie’s fringe gets damp during the show, I spray dry shampoo through it and she’s ready to go again.

Kolbrun says: I use a mineral foundation for that flawless look, plus it’s very healthy for the skin, and protects it from the effects of touring and travel. On cheeks I use a pretty blusher that gives a rosy, healthy glow.

On the eyes I use a black kohl and on the eyelid I use a paint pot which is waterproof liquid make-up in a midnight blue colour. I put that on first to give a base for the eye make-up to stay on throughout the show. Then I use pigmentation colours, which are like a loose eye shadow, on the eyelids. For highlights I use a vanilla colour up to the eyebrow.

I use glitter glue on the eyelids and then I put glitter on top which catches the light and it’s amazing – it makes Melanie’s eyes look like living disco balls.

On the lips I use a soft pale pink glaze and finish off with lots of black inside each eye and loads and loads of waterproof mascara.

Spice Beauty

Hair stylist Larry says: For the tour I wanted something a bit edgier, with cleaner lines for Victoria. Prior to the tour she had a longer bob, so I lifted it and gave it more height and volume. It has a more edgy shape now. Victoria is a fashionista and one of the most photographed women in the world, so for me to be able to give her a signature cut for this tour is an honour.

Make-up artist Maria-Louise says: It’s a very sexy seductive look for Victoria on this tour, and I’ve gone slightly stronger than usual because she can carry it off. We’ve done a really smoky eye, with red and chocolate browns as opposed to blacks. We’ve also gone with a fake lash, lots of eyeliner to ping her eyes, and a really defined brow.


Larry says: I shampoo and blow dry Victoria’s hair every show day, so with that in mind I use products that both protect her hair from the heat and moisturize, especially since she has gone from blonde to brunette recently. Whilst the hair is still wet I put a protective cream on to help sustain healthy hair through the heating process.

Then I blow-dry her hair with a serum that provides shine & volume. Once her hair is blown out I spray her with a light, misting, volumising hairspray because Victoria loves tons of body and lift. I basically round brush her and flatiron her, and finish it off with a really light shine mist.

Maria-Louise says: I use natural oil on Victoria’s skin to give it hydration, as the powders we use can be very dehydrating.

For lips, she doesn’t have it straight out of the pot, I actually mix three colours together because it’s perfect. It’s absolutely fabulous for her. If you look closely, you’ll see that Victoria has a brown lip for part of the show, and then we change it to a wine-red when she does her catwalk because it’s stronger. That stays on for the next couple of songs and then we change it back to the brown glossy lips for the rest of the show.

The normal rule in make-up is that you can’t have a heavy eye and a heavy lip but it works for Victoria on this particular show and she carries it off really, really well.


Larry Sims
Hair stylist for Emma & Victoria

Spice Beauty

Women are going a bit classier. Old Hollywood is coming back and women are taking time to take care of their hair. Lines and textures are really strong this year. Less is more, the simpler the better… but with great shape and a great cut you can’t go wrong. / for bookings

Maria-Louise Featherstone
Make-up artist for Emma & Victoria

Spice Beauty

For spring/summer, it’s a fresh and light look with glossy lips. Very healthy, like you’ve had lots of sleep. I do like a really good natural eyelash, a good mascara and a really nice defined eyebrow.

Kolbrun Ran Kristjansdottir
Make-up artist for Geri and Melanie C

Spice Beauty

It’s all about creating a fantasy world, by taking elements from the worlds of theatre and superheroes and playing around with make-up to achieve that. There will be a lot of sparkling, a lot of colours, with strong lines and strong lips. It’s quite full-on for 2008.

Jamie Pritchard
Hair stylist for Geri and Melanie C

Spice Beauty

I think less of the straightening irons in 2008, much more lose, natural and healthier hair. It’s all about luxury, and not too much product.

David Marvel
Hair and make-up for Mel B

Spice Beauty

I am not big on trends; I think it’s much better to find something that works for you. Find the tones that work for you and then have fun with them. Don’t’ stay with one thing either. Explore it, but don’t get stuck on trends because they won’t always work for you.

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Spice Girls tour costumes designed and created by Roberto Cavalli